About EHiN

About EHiN


EHiN has several parallel sessions, as well as key notes in the expo area.
The themes for the conference will be announced later, but here is some of the topics you can expect at EHiN 2018:

  • Security and Privacy
  • eHealth research
  • Norway as an eHealt Nation
  • Welfare Technology

Would you like to contribute to the program at EHiN?
Call for Speakers is open from 1 April to 1 June, please follow us on our webpage and in social media for more information. Join our newsletter here to be updated.


Head of Conference

Contact: Nard Schreurs, IKT-Norge
Email: nard@ikt-norge.no


Contact: Espen Ganderudbakken, Macsimum
Email: eg@macsimum.no

Project manager

Contact: Janece Mack Roald, Macsimum
Email: jmr@macsimum.no