Norwegian Centre for E-health Research and EHiN Research presents

Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics

Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics (SHI) 2019 is an interdisciplinary forum for researchers with the intent of bringing forward the newest research, share experiences, promote collaboration and networking between researchers and other stakeholders in the field of e-health. The target audience is researchers and people working in healthcare, health informatics, governmental leaders and decision makers.

This year, SHI is arranged as part of EHiN 2019. Topics of general interest to SHI 2019 include studies, qualitative and quantitative research related to development, implementation, use and evaluation of e-health covering research areas as informatics, health care and social science.

SHI Programme 2019

SHI will present relevant and new research from the EHiN Research stage room 6. Filter on location room 6 to see all SHI presentations on the program page.
Researchers from many different organisations and countries will present their research. Contributions have been peer reviewed by a scientific committee.

A variety of scientific posters will also be presented at the conference at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research stand.

Read all SHI papers here: Proceedings of the 17th Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics, November 12-13, 2019, Oslo, Norway

SHI Kick off

Join us for an informal get together with fellow researcher on Monday 11 Nov. Sign up here before 6 Nov.

Pre conference:  “Patient generated data – opportunitites and challenges”

Details about the pre conference here

Remember to sign up for the pre conference before 1 Nov.

Closing key note Trisha Greenhalgh

We are proud to announce our closing key note Professor Trisha Greenhalgh She will present the key note: Infrastructure revisited: Reflections on the “installed base” of healthcare IT on Wednesday 12 Nov.

It’s much easier to install a new software application on your own smartphone than on a work computer. At work, you need to get permission, follow organisational rules and protocols, adhere to contracts that someone signed in the past, and so on. These hurdles are all related to infrastructure (which Star, writing in the 1990s, defined as “what other things run on”). This lecture will revisit and update Star’s early work in infrastructure, and give examples of why infrastructure – technical, regulatory, organisational, professional – so often proves to be the block to introducing promising digital innovations in health and social care.

Health and welfare technology

The Nordic Research Network for Health and Welfare Technology will present a Nordic research panel presenting studies from respectivly countries. The aim of the research network is to consolidate knowledge, research, higher education and experiences in the field of health and welfare technology (HWT) with a user perspective. Shared experiences will benefit the Nordic countries, both at the citizen, personnel, supplier, organizational and political level in the expected future work with an increased implementation of HWT.


SHI 2019 is a part of EHiN and you will need an EHiN ticket to attend the conference. One ticket, two conferences.
For accepted scientific speakers, you will receive a ticket code from the program committee that will give you the early bird price on tickets.

Order tickets her.

Publishing papers

Papers will be published by LiU Electronic Press, Tuesday 12 Nov. LiU is a level 1 publishing channel by the Norwegian Publishing Committee.

We would like to thank our scientific committee:

  • Carl Erik Moe, Dosent, University of Agder
  • Vivian Vimarlund, Professor in Informatics, Linköping University
  • Ann Kathrin Meilandt Bygholm, Professor, Aalborg University
  • Mariann Fossum, Professor, University of Agder
  • Gunnar Hartvigsen, Professor, The Arctic University of Tromsø/Norwegian Centre for E-health Research
  • Kassaye Y Yigzaw, Researcher (PhD), Norwegian Centre of E-health Research
  • Lina Nilsson, Senior Lecturer, Linnaeus University
  • Tora Hammar, Senior Lecturer/Researcher, Linnaeus University
  • Hanife Rexhepi, Lecturer in Informatics, University of Skövde
  • Randi Stokke, Assosiate professor, NTNU in Gjøvik, Centre for Care Research
  • Pieter Jelle Toussaint, Professor, NTNU
  • Heidi Gilstad, Associate Professor, NTNU
  • Erna Håland, Professor, IPL NTNU
  • Margunn Aanestad, Professor of Information Systems, University of Agder/University of Oslo
  • Frode Strisland, Senior Scientist,, SINTEF Digital
  • Tine Nordgreen, PhD, Haukeland University Hospital
  • Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen, University of Twente
  • Jan Muzik, Assistant Professor, Czach Technical University
  • Floor Sievering, University of Twente
  • Saskia Kelders, PhD, University of Twente
  • Jobke Wentzel, PhD, University of Twente
  • Gro-Hilde Severinsen Researcher (PhD), Norwegian Centre for E-health Research
  • Andrius Budrionis, Senior Researcher, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research
  • Line Silsand, Researcher, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research
  • Phuong Dinh Ngo, Researcher, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research
  • Trine Bergmo, Senior Researcher, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research
  • Fred Godtliebsen, Professor of Statistics, The Arctic University of Tromsø/Norwegian Centre for E-health Research
  • Anne G. Ekeland, Senior Researcher, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research
  • Monika Johansen, Head of Department, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research