Decision support for nurses – two examples from Finland

The field of nursing is changing with new technology. In this session the focus is on decision support for nurses. The speakers in this session are from Finland and Norway. The main language of the session is English, but Lars Eirik Hansen will be presenting in Norwegian.  

Prerequisites and outcomes of safe use of AI in nursing

by Laura-Maria Peltonen, RN, PhD, FEANS, is a clinical lecturer and researcher at the Department of Nursing Science at the University of Turku in Finland.

AI has the potential to augment personalised care and evidence-based practice as well as improve health outcomes. Further, it may support service delivery by improving organisational processes and reducing costs of care. To achieve this, AI technologies need to be implemented appropriately, which requires an understanding of both AI and its limitations in the health care context. This calls for an interdisciplinary effort, including specialists in AI as well as specialists in health care delivery. Nurses are the largest professional group within the health sector who spend most time with patients. Nurses also understand care processes and can indicate needs for improvement in service delivery on different levels in the health system. Hence, nurses are in key position to contribute to the development and implementation of AI technologies in health care. This presentation will provide state of the art examples of AI applications as well as discuss prerequisites, potential risks and benefits of AI in nursing. Finally, recommendations for safe application of AI in nursing are discussed.


Mobile app supports nursing care

by Juha-Matti Ranta, CEO of Medanets

Medanets is a Finnish app that transforms nursing care. The app was developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals. It simplifies nursing routines, supports decision making and releases time to care. Clinical observations at the point of care are recorded directly in the Electronic Health Record using the app, preventing the need to create duplicated records and eliminating human errors. Medanets is used also in Norway by Nordlandssykehuset HF.

In this session, Lars Eirik Hansen, Centre Manager of Nordlandssykehuset HF and Juha-Matti Ranta, CEO of Medanets, talk about how mobile solutions can support nursing care. Lars Eirik Hansen compares the former and current processes of their hospital and tells how the mobile app has helped them to improve efficiency, patient safety and the overall the quality of care.



I denne sesjon skal finske Juha-Matti Ranta fra Medanets delta sammen med Lars Erik Hansen, Nordlandssykehuset HF, som har tatt i bruk Medanets appen, som skal fortelle om sykehuset sine erfaringer.


Moderator: Cecilie Varsi, Department of Digital Health Research, Oslo University Hospital


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