Data and people: A healthy city is a choice!

Health is in all policies

Matthijs Zwier, Strategic Partner Municipality of Utrecht

The focus for my ‘talk’ will be the city of Utrecht and the activities involving participation of its citizens in health. The city of Utrecht works with the perspective of ‘health in all policies’, this is translated as ‘healthy urban living for everybody!’. This involves major discussions about the value of Thick Data versus Big Data. And the importance of social innovation in relation to technical/digital innovation. The Healthpact Utrecht is a nice example of this ‘movement’. The statement ‘A healthy city is a choice!

Take part in a journey to rebuild trust and claim data privacy when it comes to your health and lifestyle data

Claus F. Nielsen, Data for Good Foundation

Your lifestyle data is in high demand and somewhere along the line, ethics and respect for privacy seem to have been neglected. And Covid have not made it better.
Claus F. Nielsen thinks we can do better. As a cancer survivor and Diabetes 1 patient he has collected his own health data the past 10 years. This experience, combined with his digital entrepreneurial spirit has led him to where he is now: In a quest to build trust and reclaim data privacy and control of your own data.
Moderator: Nard Schreurs, CEO i EHiN

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