Nordic Research Network: Health and Welfare Technology

The HWT Nordic research network invite you to a whole day with focus on published and ongoing research in the Nordic countries. The aim of this Nordic research network is to consolidate knowledge, research, higher education and experiences in the field of health and welfare technology with a user perspective including end users, their relatives and staff working in the welfare sector. On this link you can read more.

The research network consists of over 50 researchers from all Nordic countries and during this day you will be able to get the latest from the research area of Nordic welfare technology. All presentations will be in English and hosts for the day is the networks Core group:

  • Finland: Helinä Melkas, LUT University (chair); Anna Forsman, Åbo Akademi University (co-chair) and Satu Pekkarinen, LUT University 
  • Norway: Gunn Hilde Rotvold, Norwegian Centre for e-Health Research and The Arctic University of Norway, and Elin Thygesen and Cecilie Karlsen, both from University of Agder 
  • Sweden; Christine Gustafsson and Viktoria Zander, both from Mälardalen University 
  • Bengt Andersson, Nordic Welfare Centre (Stockholm) coordinates the network for the Nordic Council of Ministers

Moderator: Eirin Rødseth, Senior Adviser, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research



09.00 – Welcome

09.05 – Vision 2030 – A Socially Sustainable Nordic Region, Bengt Andersson, Senior Adviser, Nordic Welfare Centre

09.20 – Presentation of the Health and Welfare Technology (HWT) network – activities and projects 2019-2021, Christine Gustafsson, Associate Professor, Mälardalen University, Sweden

09.40 – PROTECT – Presentation of the research project, Helinä Melkas, Professor, LUT University, Finland

09.50 – PROTECT – Project presentations from workshop 1; Synthesis of Nordic challenges, Christine Gustafsson, Sweden, Synthesis of Nordic trends, Helinä Melkas, Finland and Synthesis of present and future research needs, Elin Thygesen, Professor, University of Agder, Norway

10.30 – Break

11.00 – NordForsk – funds and facilitates Nordic research cooperation and research infrastructure, Maria Nilsson, Senior Adviser at NordForsk

11.30 – Conditions and critical points of taking the ‘Zora’ robot into use in elderly care services

Satu Pekkarinen, PhD, Senior Researcher, LUT University, Finland

12.00 – Lunch break

13.00 – From isolation to inclusion, co-creating innovative solutions to meet the needs of elderly, Cecilie Karlsen, Associate Professor, Institutt for helse- og sykepleievitenskap, Senter for e-helse, University of Agder, Norway

13.25 – Exoskeletons in the field of social and health care, Riika Saurio, Junior Researcher, M.Sc. (Tech.), LUT University, Finland

13.50 – Short break

14.00 – mHealth Technology to Support HRQoL – From the Perspective of Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment, Line Christiansen, APRN, MSc, Department of Health, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

14.25 – The municipal call-centre – a hub for innovation and interprofessional cooperation, Janne Herholdt Dugstad, Associate Professor, University of South-Eastern Norway

14.50 – Final remarks from HWT Network Core Group

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10. november 2021 09:00 - 15:00 Rom A4
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