Emilie Uttrup

Keynote Speaker/Writer

Emilie Uttrup is a keynote speaker, writer and holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing.

Her website: https://emilieuttrup.com/

Growing up in Denmark, she competed in show-jumping with horses and at the age of nineteen moved to China to work professionally within the equestrian industry. A tragic car accident in 2009 turned Emilie’s life upside down, and forced her to confront everything she had ever known.

Fast forward ten years later, and Emilie has since lived in three different countries, represented her country in both the European and the World Surfing Championships, and most importantly, has opened up about her struggles throughout.

Let Emilie inspire you to follow your dreams, to speak up, and to draw outside the lines. Let her tell you about the power of vulnerability and how we can connect through our shared experiences. Emilie wants to inspire you to open up about your own struggles, to be a more considerate listener and ask more questions. She will also come across how social media helped her in sharing her story and gave her the opportunity to connect with people all over the world. People who she would never have been able to inspire and connect with without social media.

Emilie didn’t talk about her accident for almost 7 years, but once she did, she established some beautiful connections with people and discovered strength in showing her vulnerability.