Siri Børø


Siri Børø (PhD candidate at Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo / Medical Advisor Oncology, Merck)

She currently holds an industrial phd-position, a collaboration between Merck, The Norwegian Research Council and Oslo University, where the phd-project focuses on lung cancer and RWD and the main goal is to investigate how to use Norwegian Cancer Registry data, including data from INSPIRE to generate «Real World Evidence» on the effect of lung cancer drugs, for example by looking at whether it is possible to create models / methods to establish registry-based control arms to clinical intervention studies.

While specializing in neurophysiology during her masters, the way into oncology started with a research assistant position at the Norwegian Radium hospital at the Institute of Cancer Genetics and Informatics. With a specific interest for clinical studies she joined Merck in 2013 and has since held various positions in the company, the latter three years working as a medical advisor within oncology.