Terje Gårdsmoen

Oslo University Hospital

Terje Gårdsmoen has broad experience from both the public and private sectors and has had several managerial positions with responsibility for challenging structuring and change processes as well as demanding projects with a large amount of technology and organizational changes. He has more than 30 years of solid commercial and technology management experience from key positions in Norwegian and international businesses, and over the last 7 years he has acquired strong health-related experience from working with organizations with very complex system environments where requirements for safety, emergency preparedness and accessibility are extremely high.

Terje is focused on creating success in restructuring and change projects by creating engagement and ownership by the parties involved. He is particularly concerned with the interaction between the organization, technology and innovation to achieve the goals set.

Terje is extroverted with strong communication skills, and work purposefully and progressively with a structured and systematic approach. He has good analytical skills and is able to quickly comprehend complex issues.