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The exhibition at EHiN has always been an important part of the conference. We want a vibrant exhibition with activities and demonstrations. Here you can get updates on trends in technology and make contact with other partners. In 2022, we are expanding our exhibition area and will offer countless opportunities.

We envision a good mix of stands, pavilions, activities and showings. Feel free to make more suggestions, we appreciate all your input!

As last year, EHiN will be held at X Meeting Point, midway between Oslo and Gardermoen.


See the stand-area below ↓


Contact or if you have any questions.

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NOK 57 500,- excl VAT* (late bird)
Early bird NOK 47 500,- excl VAT within May 1
Regular price 52 500,- excl VAT until September 8

As a bronze partner you will have:

  • Access to bronze stand 9 m2
  • 2 participants tickets
  • 2 stand tickets a NOK 2000,- excl VAT
  • Visibility in digital broadcasts

*NOK 71 875,- incl. VAT.


NOK 100 000,-* excl VAT (late bird)
Early bird NOK 80 000,- excl VAT within May 1
Regular price 90 000,- excl VAT within September 8

As a Silver partner you will have:

  • Access to silver stand 9 m2 (can be upscaled to max 18 m2 for surcharge**
  • A table and two chairs included
  • 4 participant tickets
  • 3 stand tickets a NOK 2000,- excl VAT
  • Possibility for meeting room during the conference if available (surcharge)
  • Visibility in digital broadcasts

*NOK 125 500 incl. VAT.
**Agreement between each partner and EHiN


NOK 140 000,-* excl.VAT (late bird)
Early bird NOK 120 000,- excl.VAT within May 1
Regular price 130 000,- excl VAT, until September 8

As gold partner you will have:

  • Access to large stand, 18 m2 (kan be upscaled to max 36 m2 for surcharge)**
  • A table and two chairs included
  • Speach slot in the official program in cooperation with the progam committee
  • 6 participant tickets
  • 4 stand tickets a NOK 2000,- excl.VAT
  • Possibility for logo/banner in the "stairs" in the main entrance room
  • Possibility for meeting room (guaranteed 3 hours) during the conference
  • Possibility for being part of digitial broadcast/streaming
  • Possibility for visibility in webinars and podcasts

*NOK 175 000,- incl. VAT.
**Agreement between each partner and EHiN

Year-round partner

NOK 360 000,-* excl VAT (late bird)
Early bird NOK 260 000,- within May 1
Regular price 300 000,- excl VAT until September 8

EHiN is the largest conference for digitalization of health in Norway, as of 2014. "E-health" as a field is gradually taking up more space on the agenda - both in the health sector, and nationally.

Many discussions throughout the previous decade have focused on "One citizen - One journal", the construction of a Directory for e-health, Norwegian health net, and a more active and innovative IT industry. The "e-health" movement has slowly crept its way into the political sphere, exploding in importance after the COVID pandemic.

But even without the COVID, our health systems are under great pressure. The demographic change, with more elderly, more chronic diseases, new treatment methods, precision medicine and hospitals at home, are all trends that change the basic premises.

EHiN has gained a unique position in Norway as an important meeting place where the public and private sectors can exchange thoughts and ideas for the health of the future.

Digitalization of health has become a comprehensive field, which has become highly relevant in Norway, the Nordic countries and the rest of the world.

EHiN aspires to be an updated and relevant platform with dialogues throughout the year. In order to be the relevant platform that not only addresses important topics at the yearly main conference in November, EHiN is being developed as a year-round platform. Activities throughout the year will include webinars, podcasts, and current activities at Arendalsuka.

As a year-round platform, EHiN offers:

  • The yearly main conference - second week of November
  • Podcasts - at least 15 per year
  • Webinars - at least 15 per year
  • Comments
  • Expertise
  • Participation in various forums, professional groups and conferences
  • Contact at HIMSS, Vitalis and other international meeting places
  • Build a more Nordic platform - contact with Nordic countries
  • Contact with the public sector and other actors in digital health sector

As a year-round partner you will have:

  • Everything included in the gold package
  • Prioritized choice of exhibitor space (stand) at the EHiN-conference
  • Prioritized choice of a slot at EHiN's conference during Arendalsuka
  • EHiN can contribute with expertise - two extra meetings each year for idea development
  • Provide input to EHiN's program throughout the year**
  • Serve drinks at your own exhibitor space (stand) during aperitif at the EHiN conference on 8. November
  • Visibility in all ours channels
  • Visibility in all ours channels

**NOK 450 000,- incl. VAT. (Early bird)

**EHiN states that the program for the conference is editorially and substantively independent.

Additional choice for gold and year-round partners:

  • Arrange your own pre conference activity on November 7 for NOK 25 000,- exck VAT (regular cost NOK 35 000,-)

Other Add-ons (for all):

  • Lanyards for NOK 18 000,- excl VAT
  • T-shirts for employees and volunteers NOK 12 000,- excl VAT
  • Conference dinner November 8 (max 2 partners), NOK 35 000,- excl VAT
  • Entertainment during conference dinner November 8 (max 1 partner) NOK 35 000,- excl VAT
  • Others

As soon as the contract is signed you can contact the EHiN team for further planning of stand location and other details.

See you at EHiN 2022!

Stand area

Left side: Map over the stand area in Hall 2, first floor. This is the main area for stands and food.

Right side page 1: Second floor, also known as the catwalk. This is where large parts of the program will be held in the "-box" rooms as well as Room A3 and A5. There will also be some stands here.

Right side page 2: This is the main entrance at the first floor. From here you can get to the two scenes Grey-box and X-box, as well as being directly connected with the stand area in Hall 2, the catwalk up the stairs and the hotel.