Technology and the future hospital

How will technology change the way we build and manage hospitals?

Moderator: Eldrid Schei

Medical devices into the hospital ecosystem
v/Veronica Schmitt, Høyskolelektor NOROFF

As technology has changed at a fast pace, so has the knowledge of patients. This means that patients have become more technologically aware. This means a closer interaction between technology and patients. This fits into the future hospital where more medical devices are introduced into hospitals and onto hospital networks. The future hospital and patient come with challenges and more integration with health sensors. It is critical to understand that with new technologies and integration comes greater responsibility to not just trust but verify and protect those connected to medical devices. This talk explores the future challenges of technological evidence based medical and the call to do better to protect those connected to medical devices.

Technology may determine the design of hospitals
v/ Samantha Field, Public Health Registrar at Foreign, Development and Commonwealth Office in England

A presentation on the future of hospital design in an increasingly digital world.

Technology in patient rooms / smart patient rooms in the hospital of the future

v/Cato Heimvik, It-sjef, Stavanger Universitetssjukehus

New SUS has been building one of Norway’s largest hospitals in recent years. The patient room and bed area is a focus area for the organizational development project. Preparing to move into the patient room of the future has generated many discussions and put our technological capabilities to the test. But what is the future patient room and how should the technology support the patient of the future?