Jordi Piera

Director of the Digital Health Strategy Office, Catalan Health Service

Jordi Piera, BSc, MSc, PhD is dually trained in Computing Science Engineering and in Business Management by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). He also holds MSc in Telemedicine and E-health delivered by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), and holds a PhD on the economic evaluation of digital health solutions under the Information and Knowledge Society doctoral programme also for UOC.

He started working in the service provision in 2000, first as an analyst and software developer inside the Information Technologies Department, where he actively participated in the deployment and implementation of the Electronic Medical Record, and in a number of research and innovation projects. After many years at the service provision side, Jordi moved to the Catalan Health Service where he is currently leading the Digital Health Strategy Office.

Jordi is a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine,  University of Udine (Italy), associate professor of the Faculty of Telecommunications, Informatics and Multimedia at the Open University of Catalonia and Co-director of the Executive Master’s in Digital Health at the University of Barcelona. His research interests are on integrated care delivery models and in the design, implementation, and evaluation of digital health solutions.