Nordic Health Data: Pioneering the European Health Data Journey?

The Nordics have this goal to be the world’s leading integrated health region by 2030. But with the whole European Health Data Space (EHDS) thing coming up, it got us thinking: Are we on the same page with this bigger European plan? And can our Nordic efforts show the way for EHDS?

Our session will dive into where the Nordics stand now and the changes from last year. We’re looking at different angles – from what the public thinks to the industry, researchers, and the policymakers.


  • Bogi Eliasen, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies
  • Ola Gaute Aas Askeheim, Opinion, Nordic Digital Health Readiness
  • Nasim Farokhnia, Svenska Ehelseläkarna/Microsoft
  • Line Lindstad, Norwegian Centre for Ehealth Research
  • Sari Palojoki, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland
  • Nanna Skovgaard, KL Danmark
  • Eric Sutherland, OECD

Moderator: Anders Tunold-Hanssen, N!P/Nordic Interoperability Project