Chandana Samaranayake

Head of clinical solutions, Ascom

Dr. Chandana Samaranayake has a career spanning over two decades.

Dr. Chandana Samaranayake has held key roles in globally recognized organizations, most recently as the Head of Clinical Solutions and Consulting at Ascom, contributing significantly to the development and marketing of cutting-edge medical technologies. His expertise in product marketing, market development, and clinical applications has led to the successful launch of several medical solutions.

Dr. Samaranayake achievements extend to numerous industry accolades, such as the Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award, reflecting his commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare. With a Doctor of Medicine degree from Rostov State Medical University, his unique perspective combines medical knowledge with a deep understanding of technology and its transformative potential in healthcare. We are privileged to have Dr. Chandana Samaranayake share his insights and experiences when he introduces you to the Journey towards silent ICU.