Maria Mastrangelopoulou

CSO, Coremine Vitae

Maria Mastrangelopoulou, M.S.c, Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer at Coremine Vitae, is dedicated to enhancing patient care through the power of personalized medicine. As part of Coremine Vitae, she is involved in providing crucial information to patients, empowering them to engage in shared decision-making with their treating physicians, especially in the context of cancer treatments.

Holding a bachelor’s and master’s degree in molecular biosciences from the University of Oslo, her academic journey culminated with a Ph.D. in Medicine, specialising in Neuro-oncology, in 2021. Her work, including notable research published in Nature Communications, underscores her commitment to advancing our understanding of cancer treatments.

Maria is driven by the belief that patients should play an active role in their treatment plans. Her efforts at Coremine Vitae aim to bridge the gap between medical expertise and patient understanding, fostering an environment where treatment choices are made collaboratively and informed by each patient’s unique medical profile.