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EHiN proudly presents cooperation with FIRELY, a company who «lives and breathes FHIR».

FIRELY is a group of software engineers, support engineers and FHIR consultants committed to Health Interoperability. They are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and also have an office in Boston, USA.

FIRELY provides FHIR training and consultancy services to customers all around the world. In short, Firely provides all the tools, services, and expertise needed to bring FHIR to life.

This course is set up by FIRELY, but embedded in EHiNs knowledge program at X Meeting Point, 6 November. This is a whole-day course and will be held in parallell with the other learning courses.

The offer for a discount code for EHiN works for participants of the FIHR course.


  • Introduction to HL7 and FHIR
  • FHIR details
    • Core components
    • Extensions
    • Using FHIR resources; example with Demographics data
    • Exercise
  • Communicating FHIR
    • RESTful paradigm
    • Bundles
    • Demo: viewing data using a public server
  • FHIR Projects
    • Implementation guides, profiles and extensions
    • Use case example
  • FHIR in Norway

Speaker information

The course is held by Mirjam Baltus. Mirjam is a FHIR trainer and Training Coordinator at Firely. She has extensive experience in developing and teaching ICT courses, ranging from end-user courses to programming courses. Since early 2013 Mirjam has been a member of the Firely team, providing FHIR training courses for architects and developers, as well as workshops for Firely Server. She has held several talks on FHIR and has presented FHIR related workshops in several countries around the world.

Practical info

  • November 6, 2023
  • At X Meeting Point, Oslo, Norway
  • Diploma for completed course

Learning goals: 
– What should you know about FHIR to have a meaningful discussion about FHIR and
interoperability with your colleagues, customers, stakeholders and contractors?
– We will walk you through a representative use-case based on real-life projects around the
– The training includes exercises and examples, but you don’t need to have a technical

Questions? Ask sunniva@ehin.no

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