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«The next phase of Nordic Health 2030 shall call for action and renew the social pact»

Artikkel: Redaksjonen EHiN

9. mars, 2023

Original article at CIFS Health

Nard Schreurs, CEO of EHiN

The Nordic nations all share a set of common values, and they can understand each other’s languages and have very much the same challenges in health care. In addition they are amongst the world’s most digitized areas. Nevertheless, cross-border cooperation on digital health is so far behind. “It is still missing clear political leadership and depends on loosley defined coincidental networks which are not connected” says Nard, CEO of EHiN to CIFS Health.

Nard has been a part of the Nordic Health 2030 Movement process and one of the important outcomes is to create a shift from sick care to preventive health to ensure the longevity of our healthcare systems and improved quality of life by connecting and activating people across the Nordics to work together towards sustainable solutions.

Up until now there has been much talk and little action. Status quo is that we see clear signs that indicate that we are entering a period of economic recession. With that comes budget cuts on preventive measures, even in a relatively rich country such as Norway. The next step should be more dedication to push for concrete actions to create political pressure, shall we believe Nard. 

Read the whole interview with Nard Schreurs, EHiN about The next phase of Nordic Health 2030.

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