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The history of EHiN

The first EHiN conference (“E-health in Norway”) was held in 2014, a year after the Ministry of Health and Care Services and ICT-Norway started a collaboration to create a national meeting place for e-health. EHiN has existed for eight years as a two-day conference, and celebrated its first anniversary in 2018. EHiN grew out of Plaza and into Spektrum, from 70 to 150 speakers and from 600 to 1300 participants. With Covid-19, EHiN developed into a digital event at the "Norges Varemesse", where the opening on day 1 received approximately 2500 views alone. In 2021, EHiN became a full hybrid conference with 1150 who participated in person at X Meeting Point, Skjetten just outside of Oslo and Lillestrøm, and 1200 people who followed the conference digitally.

EHiN 2023

EHiN 2023

EHiN 2023 was the 10-year anniversary for the conference! With 1434 participants at X Meeting Point and over 1000 digital participants through November 7.-8. we had a wonderful anniversary dinner with both the EHiN Award to Vestre Viken for their project on artificial intelligence in image diagnostics, and the new "Hederspris" which went to Bjørn Astad. The program was again started off this year with Minister of Health and Care Ingvild Kjerkol, as well as Dr. John Halamka from the Mayo Clinic, Dag Otto Lauritzen and Elena Bonfiglioli from Pharma Life Sciences. Both Dr. John Halamka and Matthijs Zwier and more contributed to the new knowledge program that EHiN held on the pre-conference day with the aim of providing concrete competence in e-health's many subject areas.

See the website and program from 2023

EHiN 2021

EHiN 2021

The year 2021 was still marked by the pandemic, but on September 25, Norway was reopened. EHiN could be a in person meeting place for change again, but also chose to keep the digital platform that made EHiN a hybrid conference. EHiN 2021 had 1150 in person participants at X Meeting Point, and 1200 digital participants. It was streamed live from 7-8 rooms simultaneously throughout the conference. The new Minister of Health and Care Services, Ingvild Kjerkol, gave her first official speech during the opening of EHiN 2021 and the premises were filled with new energy of being able to talk face to face with both familiar and unfamiliar faces.

See the website from 2021


EHiN 2020

2020 came with a lot of necessary changes. Because of the pandemic, EHiN hade to become a fully digital conference, and so it went. On the first day, it was planned that speakers and moderators would be on stage, but the local control rules changed the very same day. The second day was then a result of a rapid upheaval when all speakers had to be contacted digitally and made aware of the situation. Still, EHiN 2020 went as planned anyway! With over 2,500 views on the opening day one alone, the introduction of a series of webinars and podcasts, 2020 has paved the way for both a physical, but also a more digital EHiN.

See the website from 2020

EHiN 2019

EHiN 2019

In 2019, EHiN reached a new peak with almost 1,700 participants. The conference, now well organized in Spektrum, used a large, elongated main stage with continuous debates throughout the days. Day one of EHiN opened with i.a. Joan Hackett from Genomic England, while day two presented the Norwegian entrepreneur Edvard Engesæth from Nurx, Christian Bason as head of the Danish Design Center, and shared views from the radium hospital and Sunnaa's hospital. Scandinavian Health Informatics (SHI) was an integral part of EHiN 2019. Otherwise, there was a lot of focus on health data, medical distance follow-up and welfare technology.

See the website from 2019


EHiN 2018

EHiN celebrated in 2018 its five-year anniversary with 1,400 participants. The conference put people at the center and focused on innovation. In the opening, four innovative people were given the floor, Fabian Bolin from War on Cancer, "Helsesista" Tale Maria Krohn Engvik, Karen Dolva from No Isolation and Fredrik Gulowsen from Nyby. Finally, the Minister of Health Bent Høie interviewed them about how Norway can better facilitate innovation.

Then John Halamka spoke. "Geekdoctor" Halamka is known from his blog: "Life as a Healthcare CIO".

See the website from 2018


EHiN 2017

EHiN 2017 had over 1300 registered participants, about 250 more than the year before. Following the success in 2016, in collaboration with ETC, EHiN was transferred to ICT Norway. In talks with various partners, it was decided to continue with EHiN in Oslo Spektrum. EHiN was now to fill Spektrum alone. ICT-Norway and Macsimum took joint responsibility for implementing EHiN 2017, based on a five-year plan.

Cooperation with many social actors was important. EHiN made intensive contact with the Norwegian Medical Association, the Norwegian Nurses' Association, the Directorate for e-Health, the Norwegian Health Network, the Research Council, the National Center for e-Health Research and many other key players in digital health. Through commitment from these, EHiN could be organized with relatively few resources.

Watch the plenary sessions on YouTubesee all pictures taken from EHiN 2017 and the website from EHiN 2017


EHiN-FH 2016

During 2015, it was announced that HIMSS would host its European Telemedicine Conference for 2016 in Norway. After discussions with HOD, HIMSS and the National Center for Telemedicine in Tromsø, it was decided to merge EHiN and ETC. With that, Plaza would be too cramped, and the conference was moved to Spektrum in Oslo.

Under the names “EHiN Future Health 2016” and “European Telemedicine Conference”, Norway's largest e-health conference was built together with the event agency Macsimum. ETC filled two parallel tracks, one with "telemedicine" and one with "research". EHiN was expanded from its three general tracks with a track on Security & Privacy and a track on Welfare Technology. EHiN / ETC received a total of 1070 registered visitors.

See the website from EHiN 2016


EHiN 2015

EHiN 2015 was a follow-up to the first year's success. EHiN 2 was held at Plaza in Oslo with around 650 participants. The conference was opened by Bent Høie and Christine Bergland. The main keynote was the EU's Ilias Iakovidis.

Other speakers:
Thomas Anglero, IBM; Joachim Walberg/Jonas Holmgren, Hitachi; Walter Atzori, European Patient Forum Denmark; Kenneth Bogelund Ahrensberg, Seruminstitutet Sweden; Henrik Moberg, Socialdepartementet Finland; Anne Kallio, Ministry for Social affairs and Health; Tomas Nordheim Alme, DIPS, OpenEHR; Alfhild Stokke; Cathrine Chronaki; Henrik Martins; Bjørn-Inge Larsen; Anna Adelöff, Snomed; Stein Olav Skrøvseth; Andrew Watson, UPMC.


EHiN 2014

EHiN 1 was held at Plaza in Oslo with 600 participants. The conference was opened by Bent Høie and Christine Bergland, then head of the e-health department in the Norwegian Directorate of Health. The main keynote was Zachary Jiwa, a "health and IT guru" from the United States. He has, both in the public sector and the private sector, worked in the front line of the new technologies. EHiN 2014 had a common opening and 3 parallel tracks with about 70 speakers.

Other speakers:
Rune Fensli; Roar Olsen; John Hoyt; Håkon Grimstad; Eva Jarbekk; Heidi Brorson; Margunn Aanestad; Robert Nystuen; Henrik Vogt; Tore Tennøe; Hege Gjessing; Torgeir Micaelsen; Hilde Lovett; Erik Hansen; Bjørn Nilsen; Thomas Bagley.

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