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Expand your expertise in e-health

November 6. at EHiN pre-conference, X Meeting Point

The competence program is for participants at EHiN who want an overview of current topics related to the conference and the e-health field. The modules range from introductory courses to thematic deep dives and to digital management. Together will one day of skills development and two days of EHiN-conference give the participants a good overview of the e-health landscape

Meet the speakers:

What is EHiN's competence program?

The digital shift, and the key to successe

Digitaliseringen handler om mennesker og endring, like mye som det handler om teknologi. I helse innebærer digitalisering store muligheter, men også store utfordringer. Kunnskap og kompetanse er nøkkelen til suksess - og avgjørende for å sikre en vellykket overgang til en digitalisert helsetjeneste. God ledelse med evne til strategisk digital forståelse blir viktig i tiden som kommer.

With EHiN's competence modules, you now have the opportunity to gain relevant knowledge in current topics such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, welfare technology and management in digitization processes, by building up and combining topics depending on your needs. Participation in three modules qualifies for a completed module program, and you will receive a course certificate signed by EHiN.

When and where?
The competence modules will take place on 6 November at X Meeting Point, when pre-conference activities are organized before the EHiN conference 2023 7-8 November.

Each module lasts for 75 minutes. It is therefore possible to participate in several modules during the day, and combine several different topics depending on your need. The modules Management in digital processes take place in a separate course.

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