Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our focus on data protection aims to ensure integrity and confidentiality in the processing of personal data. EHiN undertakes to safeguard the privacy of our employees and everyone we do business with when we process such data. We will only use personal data for legitimate business purposes.

EHiN’s processing of personal data

EHiN processes personal data relating to employees and external suppliers/service providers. We also process data about individuals who are not employed by or engaged by EHiN (see below for more information).

EHiN stresses that the processing of personal data must be justified and legitimate, and will only use such information for specified explicit and legitimate purposes, in accordance with relevant legislation.

EHiN will ensure satisfactory data security as regards confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. Personal data will not be stored for longer than necessary.

External service providers (processors) may process personal data on behalf of EHiN in various areas. EHiN will implement measures in accordance with current legislation to safeguard the personal data processed by external service providers.

EHiN also processes data about individuals who are not employed by or engaged by EHiN, for the following purposes:

  • Procurement process
    • EHiN processes personal data as necessary for procuring goods and services from suppliers and contractors, as well as customer information relating to the provision of our services, such as data on those attending conferences.
  • Cookies
    • See “Use of cookies” below.


Personal data that EHiN may collect and process concerning individuals includes:

  • contact details such as name and address, telephone number and email address;
  • details of an individual’s work experience and qualifications, date of birth and driving licence;
  • business information, including names of individuals in relevant positions at a company and information about the enterprise.

Personal data may be collected in various ways, including:

  • directly by EHiN personnel when a business relationship is established or through operating activities;
  • from a service provider, a source of information in the public domain (e.g. a web page) or an employer (e.g. when an employer provides personal data concerning its employees); or
  • through EHiN’s web pages.

Use of cookies:

All personal information that you provide to EHiN is used only to improve our service to you. Visits to our web pages are tracked so that we can assess which pages are of most interest to our users. We ask you to accept cookies so that we can improve the service we give you on the website, in social media and in connection with advertising.


EHiN uses pixels and cookies on these web pages. They are used only to measure traffic and manage sessions. Pixels are small images that are loaded as you navigate on a page. A cookie is a small text file that is saved to your computer. Pixels and cookies provide us with information about how you use the web page, such as how much you read and which links you clicked on. Among other things, this is used to enhance your experience of and it does not pose any security risk for you. Cookies and pixels belonging to social media and advertisers may be used to provide you with social media functions and personalised adverts.

We use this information to tell us how interesting the content was for you as a user, and to:

  • Generate statistics on traffic and use of these web pages
  • Target adverts, including on other apps or services such as Google and Facebook

Visit to read about how you can control the use of cookies.

The following cookies are used on

  • Google Analytics
  • YouTube

Your web browser also automatically sends data to’s servers each time you ask to be taken to a page. Examples of such data include which web browser and version you are using, and your IP address. For each page displayed, data is additionally stored relating to the date and time, the page you came from, which page you are on, etc.

None of this data is used to identify individuals. We use this data to generate overall statistics, such as which pages are the most popular and what information users search for. We use the statistics as a tool for improving our services.


EHiN does not sell any of the information generated from the use of such tracking technology (cookies). However, you should be aware that our web pages may contain links/pointers to other external web pages that are not under EHiN’s control. EHiN is not responsible for how data protection is exercised on external web pages.

The website uses YouTube to show video content. The showing of such content will be shared with Google for use by its advertising platforms Google Adwords and Google DoubleClick Bid Manager. You can read more about how this data is used in Google’s Privacy Policy.

If you take part in a discussion on Facebook – for example, by following a link to “Join the conversation” on Facebook – you will be exposed to cookies on Facebook. You can read more about Facebook’s cookie policy here.

You choose yourself whether to use share functions or comments. For more information and to choose your settings, view your privacy settings on Facebook.


At you can subscribe to email notifications in connection with conferences and services. The data registered is used only for email notifications. Only administrators have access to this data.


Visit the website to read about how to manage cookies on your device (in English), while at you can read about how to set your web browser to accept or block cookies (in Norwegian).

You can manage how Google uses the data about you on its advertising platform on Google’s web pages.


National and international legislation on the processing of personal data gives rights to data subjects (i.e. the person the data relates to). Refer to the relevant legislation for more information about your rights.

  • If you have any questions concerning the processing and collection of personal data or would like to exercise your rights as a data subject, contact the data protection officer at EHiN (email: