Programme Overview


The programme is the foundation on which EHiN is built. The programme is meant to be proffesional, current, available, up to date and exciting. This is why we are involving people with knowledge in different fields of expertise.

EHiN consists of a common programme for the expo area, as well as seven paralel tracks. Each track has three sessions spanning two days.


Programme committee

This years programme committee consists of:

Ida Susanna Fattah, Oslo Kommune
Holly Ankjell, Kreftforeningen
Sverre Fossen, Norsk Helsenett
Jon-Torgeir Lunke, Direktoratet for e-helse
Eirik Nikolai Arnesen, Legeforeningen
Anita Moe Larsen, Norway Health Tech
Nard Schreurs, IKT-Norge

Randi Laukli, National Center for e-health research
Trond Knudsen, Norges forskningsråd