For Speakers and Moderators

An introduction about EHiN

Alle talere og moderatorer får mer informasjon i uke 21.-25. oktober.

All speakers and moderators get additional information in the week October 21-25.

Alle talere og moderatorene har selv ansvar å orientere seg i Spektrum. Vi prøve rå sette alle deltakere per sesjon i kontakt med moderator. Ta med presentasjonen på en minnepinne, og var i god tid ved presentasjonsrommet. Det er en teknikker i hvert rom.

All speakers and moderators have to find their room in Spektrum. We try to connect all speakers in each session, together with the moderator. Take your presentastion with you. There will be a technician in every room.

Instruction videos for speakers and moderators

EHiN is about bringing the tech-revolution, the healthcare, the clinicians and the politicians together to discuss what the future of health should be.

This video explores the core values of EHiN, what the goals of EHiN are and what EHiN hopes to be.

Here is what you will find in this video:

    00.06 – Introductions

    01.07 – EHiN Outcomes

    02.18 – The People of EHiN

    04.32 – The Audience of EHiN

    05.48 – The Speakers of EHiN

    07.12 – The Languages of EHiN

    07.43 – Audience Expectations at EHiN

    09.32 – What Impresses the Audience

Speaker coaching

Speaker coaching is about helping the speakers to get to the core of their messages, to help them get through to their audience the right away.

In this video, we address both experiences and inexperienced speakers alike:

Here is what you will find in this video:

    00.12 – Examples of Interesting Speakers

    00.58 – Making your Talk Special at EHiN – Mood & Structure

    02.45 – What does a Speaker Coach actually do?

    03.54 – From What You Say to How You Say It

    06.22 – One Key Takeaway for the Speakers of EHiN

    09.32 – Preparation as a Speaker at EHiN

    10.07 – How to Give Better Talks

    11.44 – Start with Dessert

Moderator coaching

Moderators play an important role in any big conference, and EHiN is no exception. Moderators are responsible for good communication between all parts.

This video is a first step to help the moderators at EHiN to accomplish good results in their tasks.

Here is what you will find in this video:

    00.10 – Being a Moderator at EHiN

    00.53 – Moderator Roles

    02.28 – Creating the Red Thread of the Session

    03.17 – Moderating a Panel

    04.00 – Trust: the Key to a good Session

    05.22 – Agreeing Cut-Off Phrases Beforehand

    06.31 – Question Preparation

    07.45 – Surprise Questions – Good or Bad?

    09.30 – Involving the Audience

    10.41 – How Not to run a Panel

    12.09 – The Ideal EHiN Moderator