Patient Generated Data – Opportunities and challenges

Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics presents

Workshop on Patient Generated Data – Opportunities and challenges

Where: Oslo Spectrum, use main entrance

When: Monday 11 Nov 12:00 – 17:00. (doors open 11:30)

New technology with digitally based equipment and services gives today’s patient good opportunities to follow up on their own illness. This technology with multiple sensors and apps is already well established and widely used and there is a rapid development within the area. But questions can be raised to weather this is solely beneficial for the patient, as well as to how the health services of today are managing in keeping up with both the technology and the modern patient’s expectations. What opportunities, limitations and disadvantages lays in opening up for the patient’s own recorded data as information provided for the health services, when providing their advices and follow-up of the patient.

Through several projects, the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research (NSE) has been concerned with how the patient’s own recorded data can be useful for clinical personnel in the treatment. Together with our partners in the Full Flow project, funded by Research Council of Norway, we have progressed well in evaluating both technical and organizational opportunities and threats, as well as analysing user perspectives from both patient and clinicians, as the clinical platforms would need to adapt to this, in near future.

This workshop will give good opportunities to discuss issues concerning use of patients own data and the implications connected to this, with our partners as well as other experts within the area. We will share our experiences, from the perspective of both patients, clinicians, technology providers and authorities, discussing challenges and opportunities with others who are concerned with the same issues.

Start 12:00

Preliminary agenda for the workshop:

  • Opening, background and purpose of this workshop
  • The patient’s perspective – Status and future trends (Prof. Eirik Årsand, NSE)
  • Physical Inactivity is killing us. Can PAI help the collaboration between patients and doctors in understanding the importance of physical activity? (MD Stian Ellingsen Lobben, Nytorget Legesenter)
  • Live Demo: Fitness Age test  (Alf Egil Edvardsen, PAI Health Norway)
  • Examples and experiences from a municipality in the Agder region (Ass. Prof. Santiago Gil Martinez, UiA)
  • Technology trends (Prof. Gunnar Haartvigsen,UiT)
  • Patient generated data in Danish diabetes treatment (Prof. Ole Hejlesen, Aalborg University)
  • How can we ensure that digital tools are accessible, effective and trusted? (Øystein Tveite, Health directorate Norway, Project manager for digital tools)
  • Case from Finland: Bringing Diabetes Data into PHR’s and EHR’s, by Mikael Rinnetmäki / Sensotrend (presented by Eirik Årsand)
  • International perspective, experience from BeHealthy-BeMobile (Per Hasvold, NSE)
  • Reflections from the diabetes patient organization as an introduction to plenary discussion (Sverre Ur / Diabetesforbundet)
  • Discussions: How to plan for this trend; authorities, regulations, research, etc. (All)

Finish: 17:00

The workshop is open for all participants of EHiN/SHI, but requires you to sign up in advance. Please sign up here:

Deadline for signing up: 22 October.

You will need a ticket to EHiN to participate in the workshop.

The workshop is a collaboration between: Aalborg University, University of Agder, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, and Norwegian Centre for E-health Research.

Contact persons:

Eirik Årsand,

Astrid Grøttland,


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