Sharing health data with the citizen

Margo Brands will begin with an introduction about data exchange, personal health environment (PHE) and the MedMij framework in Netherland.  In the wake of this introduction, there will be an interaction and discussion with Margo and other participants from Norway.

Background:  Between 2017 and 2022, more than €400 million will be made available for schemes aimed at accelerating information exchange between patients and care professionals in mental healthcare, hospitals and independent treatment centres. This year new schemes will be introduced for perinatal care, GPs, independent mental healthcare practitioners and long-term care, and there will be a follow-up programme for hospitals and independent treatment centres. Patients who wish to can also access their own data in their personal health environment (PHE), which complies with the MedMij rules on digital exchange of health data. The Secretary of health recently announced that in the years to come every person in the Netherlands will be able to use a PHE free of charge.