Look to Finland

This is a session with examples on ehealth from Finland.

Medanets Oy:

Mobile solution for nurses using DIPS Arena; improving quality of care and patient safety, even saving lives

At Medanets, we have always believed that user-friendly mobile solutions can improve care quality and patient safety. This, in turn, leaves healthcare professionals more time for taking care of the patient, which is most important of all.

Browsing and recording patient data can be performed in real-time via smartphone while with the patient. Data is transferred directly into the Electronic Health Record (DIPS Arena) of the hospital or healthcare centre.

The Medanets App is used by +35 hospitals and several primary care units in Finland and in Sweden. Solution is CE-marked and medical device classified.

Kipuwex Oy

Kipuwex Oy is a Finnish company developing IoT solutions for medical industry, aiming to decrease the pain in the world by providing reliable pain assessment solution for home users and hospitals.The product is a small, wireless device that is attached to the chest of the patient. The smart algorithms transform the physical measurements and collected data into reliable pain information


9Solutions is the leading provider of indoor location based safety, communications and smart care solutions.
We develop and sell a range of hardware, software and cloud service to increase safety, efficiency and quality of care in care homes, hospitals and home care.

The 9Solutions system for care homes and hospitals includes a real-time locating personal safety, nurse call, access control and asset tracking.

In addition we offer care phones, alarm center software and mobile app for home care to support quality care and safe and independent living of elderly. Our mission is to provide leading technology solutions to our customers to secure safe, quality care and ensure ageing with dignity.

Improve quality of life through health data science

Kaiku Health is a digital health company with a mission to improve quality of life through health data science. Our platform provides digital health interventions for cancer care based on patient-reported outcomes monitoring. It helps care teams to provide optimised and personalised care through timely symptom management and intelligent algorithms. Kaiku Health is used in routine care by over 40 cancer clinics and hospitals in Europe and provides modules for over 25 different cancer types and all cancer treatments. For more information, visit: www.kaikuhealth.com

Hublet is the tablet service we’ve all been waiting for

With Hublet you can provide your customer and staff an easy access to the digital content of your own choice! àYou choose what they use!

The Hublet Service consists of three parts: The tablets, A Docking Station and our own Software to manage the tablets.

Safest and easiest tablet solution in the world! Our service ensures that your customers data privacy is secured. When returning the tablet to its Hublet station, all of the personal details are deleted at the same time as the tablet is updated, charged and made ready for the next user. Imagine a tablet that can provide excellent digital services to your customers while also acting as a tool for your personnel and staff education – Hublet does this and more!