Nordic Research Network for Health and Welfare Technology

The aim of the Nordic research network is to consolidate knowledge, research, higher education and experiences in the field of health and welfare technology (HWT) with a user perspective.

Shared experiences will benefit the Nordic countries, both at the citizen, personnel, supplier, organizational and political level in the expected future work with an increased implementation of HWT.


Helinä Melkas: Micro-, meso- and macro-level perspectives to welfare technology, especially care robotics

Viktoria Zander : Methods to evaluate perspectives of safety, independence, activity, and participation in older persons using welfare technology. A systematic review

Elin Tygesen: Mainstreaming welfare technology in the Agder Region

Birthe Dinesen: Individualized welfare technologies for tomorrows healthcare

Moderator: Bengt Andersson, Senior adviser Nordens välfärdscenter