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Join this session to learn about how Sweden is on the way to be best in the world at using the opportunities offered by digitisation and eHealth.

This session will show case how this can be measured, how access to data needed for development of future care can be solved, and how data is used to create AI tools for clinical use.

Swedish e-health – How do we know when we are best in the world?

Erik Frisk, The Swedish e-health Agency

Sweden has a Vision for eHealth 2025 stating that in 2025, Sweden will be best in the world using the opportunities offered by digitization and eHealth to make it easier for people to achieve good and equal health and welfare, and to develop and strengthen their own resources for increased independence and participation in the life of society. The presentation will show the approach to achieving this vision as well as taking a look at some indicators providing a brief overview of the progress of Swedish ehealth.

Stockholm Centre for Health Data

Jan Andersson, Region Stockholm and Karolinska Institutet

Medical research is undergoing a paradigm shift as large-scale molecular and clinical data create a whole new understanding of human biology. Effective use of large amounts of data will radically change health care and enable individualized prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Tomorrow’s treatments will be adjusted to the patient’s unique and complex biological system thus combining inheritance and lifestyle to understand illness and cure.

The health care system in Stockholm Region comprises approximately 17 million patient visits per year and includes more than 1000 health care providers.
The Centre for Health Data aims to create an effective and safe way to convey health data to researchers and to collect data for the development of health care system.

AI – from innovation to daily clinical use

Damon Tojjar, Vårdinnovation Sverige AB

A large part of the future potential for healthcare lies in the efficient use of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital tools in physical care and, where appropriate, distributing patient flows to fully digital channels. To get a real impact, however, changes are needed in processes and practices of health care providers and the integration of digital solutions in the existing continuum of health care. In this session we will present examples of how healthcare professionals collaborated with patients and leading AI experts for the past 10 years in order to develop two worldwide unique tools; one for patient medical history, triage, investigations/diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients as well as one for chronic care based on AI, with individualized decision support for healthcare staff and an application for patients. These AI-tools are used daily at over 50 clinics including the public caregivers Region Skåne and Västra Götaland Regionen.

Learn how this Nordic excellence solutions have been developed and how they now are being embraced by health care both in Sweden and abroad. A story about the engaged and connected patients with clinically demonstrable results and better use of resources with AI.

Moderator: Hans Almvide