Damon Tojjar

Damon Tojjar, MD, Managing Director and Head of Medical & Science, Vårdinnovation Sverige AB.

Damon is the Managing Director and Head of Medical and Science at Vårdinnovation AB, natively a physician-scientist at Lund University, and has led the work with Medical Express and EASY-Diabetes. Damon has 13 years of experience from research (LU, Stanford), clinic (primary care and internal medicine / endocrinology) and industry (Novo Nordisk HQ). Among his qualifications are over ten international clinical trials and two new drugs that have been approved by the FDA and EMA.

Damon has initiated digitalization initiatives in the pharmaceutical industry and academia, and has led the development of a unique CE-labeled medical technology product that, with AI, streamlines primary care processes and patient flows. Damon works to promote innovation, scientific evaluation and responsible integration of digital solutions in healthcare. Work on EASY-Diabetes was awarded with the Swedish Innovation agency Vinnova/Medtech4Health’s Innovation Award 2018.



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