Norways national

November 12th - 13th
Oslo Spektrum

Norways national
November 12th - 13th
Oslo Spektrum

November 12th - 13th Oslo Spektrum

What is EHiN?

EHiN, E-Health in Norway, is the biggest conference in Norway targeting the digitization of the health sector.

The Ministry of Health and Care Services together with ICT Norway are the founders of the conference. They have a common goal; to develop a strong cooperation between the IT industry and the health sector, to share their experience and knowledge across organisations and companies. Introduction of new technology is central to the future of healthcare.

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Hva er EHiN?

Dette må være på engelsk: EHiN står for E-helse i Norge, og er Norges største konferanse med fokus på digitalisering av helsesektoren.

Konferansen ble startet av Helse- og omsorgsdepartementet og IKT-Norge, med et felles mål om å få kompetanseutveksling mellom teknologirevolusjonen og helsesektoren. Innføring av ny teknologi er sentral i all strategi for fremtidens helseprosesser.

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Some of this years speakers

I know of several initiatives in Scandinavian countries to exchange data between professionals and patients. Socially and culturally there are similarities between our countries so we can learn from each other and use the same European standards. – Margo Brands, Netherlands, speaker at EHiN





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