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Norways largest meeting place for health digitalization

EHiN stands for «E-Health in Norway».

EHiN is about bringing the tech-revolution, the healthcare, the clinicians and the politicians together to discuss what the future of health should be.

Our vision: to contribute to Norway being a driving force in designing health services for the future, focusing on the digitalization of the health sector.

EHiN is unique in bringing decision makers, the business community and the health sector together to talk, share knowledge, learn from each other and to collaborate.

We want to create a meeting place where the business community and those who develop technical e-health solutions can learn from those who work in the health sector and the public sector, and vice versa. We believe that progress as well as the best solutions, are made through collaboration and sharing of competence.

EHiN has grown from about 600 participants in 2014 to 1700 in 2019. 2300 people registered for the fully digitalised EHiN in 2020. In 2021 we had 1150 physical participants and 1300 digital ones. In 2023 EHiN celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

We want everyone to feel welcome at EHiN. Health is important to all of us. The huge technology revolution is changing the framework for health services, the use of health data and knowledge of diseases. EHiN's goal is to facilitate the conversation about how we can make use of the technology in a sensible way.  


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