Innovation in healthcare startups – Experiences from Norway and abroad

How do you bring life to innovation within the world of health care start-ups? In Scandinavia and beyond, new technologies, systems and methods are being pushed forth by health innovation. The rise of new innovation and technology brings forth new opportunities for both healthcare providers and patients. In the last few years, health innovation, especially within the realms of e-health and telemedicine, has seen the rise of individually tailored tools that have created a more patient-centric health sector. Innovation within healthcare is driving the health sector towards more efficient and modern treatments, better patient- follow up and more accurate diagnosis. Start-ups are often at the forefront of this type of health innovation, and are often pioneers when it comes to developing new ideas and technologies that can be used by both healthcare providers and patients. 

In order for innovation in healthtech start-ups to thrive, entrepreneurship, thinking outside the box, and dynamism must be encouraged. But what else is needed? Funding, market access and a competitive advantage are important. But what makes a good start-up idea become a great invention, and further, a product that can be exported and used by healthcare providers and patients within one’s country and beyond? 

To discuss these questions, and tell us how health tech innovation is being made to thrive in their respective countries, we have an exciting list of speakers composed of Anya Eldan – VP Israel Innovation Authority and the Head of Startup Division (Israel) and Tenna Korsbek Andreasen, CEO at Medtech Innovation Consortium (Denmark). More speakers will follow.

Moderator: Anita Moe Larsen

Tickets can be found at EHiN 2020.