E-Health Solutions from Finland – A Story of a Treatment Journey

Finland is known to be a world leader, early adapter and an innovator in digitalization. Health technology is the largest, steadily growing high-tech export segment of our industry.

In this session, you have a possibility to get familiar with 7 of our innovative health-tech companies. In this virtual event we will present different e-health solutions from Finland through a patient’s treatment journey!

The solutions presented are safe, highly effective and cost-efficient.

Stages that the patient goes through in this journey are:

  • Preventive
  • Treatment
  • Monitoring
  • Rehabilitation
  • Living at home

This session is a perfect match for healthcare professionals, investors and companies, who are looking for partners!

Finland’s ambassador to Norway will open the event.  We are looking forward to your participation!

Mikael Antell, Ambassador of Finland to Norway

Medanets: Juha-Matti Ranta, CEO

Auntie: Johanna Varje, Head of Growth

Popit: Timo Heikkilä, COO

Peili Vision: Mikko Kontio, COO

Monidor: Mikko Savola, CEO

Aava Virta: Patrik Borg, Research & Development Director

Deltagon: Cecilie T. Andersen, Sales Manager

Host: Lauri Salovaara


Moderator: Lauri Salovaara

Tickets available here