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Medanets helps healthcare professionals improve patient safety, quality of care and experience through superior mobile solutions and human touch. Developed together with healthcare professionals, the mobile app enables safe and efficient nursing workflows, supports decision-making and leaves time for the most important thing: caring for the patients. The application integrates with EHR systems and is used in more than 50 hospitals and primary health care units in the Nordics.


What challenges do you think the healthsector is facing?

We are all facing massive changes due to the global pandemic, and as we all know, this affects the healthcare sector in particular. Our healthcare professionals have a great responsibility to make sure we survive this pandemic. We want to help them the best we can.

How can you contribute digitally to the healthsector?

We have developed a mobile solution for nurses, which can improve their workflows, and consequently, the quality of care. With the help of our solution, nurses can have more time for the actual care, for the patient. Also, our solution ensures that healthcare professionals have relevant and up-to-date information in their hands all the time.

How has Covid-19 affected you?

It creates a lot of new possibilities, as our customers and potential customers, healthcare organizations, are eager to improve the efficiency and quality of care with mobile solutions.

What are your expectations of EHiN?

We would particularly like to engage with Norwegian healthcare professionals and share the experiences of our first Norwegian customer by telling how they have benefited from our solution and what kind of outcomes they have got.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

There are already great eHealth solutions available in the market that can bring immediate benefits to healthcare organizations. Now is the wrong time to stand still, it is time to move on and make use of these solutions.

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Juhi-Matti Ranta, CEO Medanets