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OuluHealth is an internationally recognised health and well-being ecosystem, which brings together social and healthcare providers, researchers, academia and health companies. Its main goals include boosting the health-tech business and accelerating implementation of innovations to deliver more advanced, personalised and connected health services for the benefit of the citizens.  The ecosystem supports health companies in growth and internationalization by increasing their visibility, exploring new business opportunities and providing a world-class innovation testing and development environmentOuluHealth Labs, for boosting the health and life science business.



Interview with Heidi Tikanmäki, Key Account Director, Life Science, BusinessOulu:

What challenges do you think the health sector is facing?

One of the most significant challenges is for sure sparse population and related to it distance to healthcare services. Also aging population is a common problem as well as aging hospital infrastructure and infrastructure services.  Moreover, rising service costs, limited finances, raising costs of developing new treatment technologies and pharmaceutical drugs belong to most common challenges.

How can you contribute digitally to the health sector?

Many of the challenges we are facing can be addressed with digital health solutions. There are numerous health and life science companies in Oulu that have developed innovations to improve the quality of healthcare services and the work efficiency of medical staff. New solutions make patients more in control of their health conditions, improve the flow of information between healthcare professionals and their patients as well as help to prevent and treat diseases.

How has Covid-19 affected you?

With the coronavirus spreading from one country to another, the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on our daily lives has been inevitable. Every sector is looking for a way to adapt to ongoing changes. In terms of business opportunities, some companies have benefited from this situation as they increased their sales and signed new contracts. Other companies lost a great deal of income and their activities were limited. What is truly comforting is how fast new solutions are emerging to help fight the crisis. Oulu is no exception, as health & life science companies from the region have stepped in to provide innovations in response to rapidly changing realities. They support healthcare systems and provide patients with better care.

What are your expectations of EHiN?

I hope this event will allow all the participating companies to present their innovations, expand the network of contacts and find new business leads. I am also looking forward to interesting discussions and exchange of experiences.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I am sure that Oulu has a lot to offer in terms of business, research and innovations. A variety of test and development environments for product and service development, business support, well working collaboration between the public and the private sector as well as open-minded people. This is the second biggest health technology centre in Finland, which is also globally known as a forerunner in digital health.  I think Oulu is the place to establish successful businesses and live a happy life so welcome to contact us to find out how we could cooperate.

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Heidi Tikanmäki, Key Account Director, Life Science, BusinessOulu