How can the use of AI ensure more modern and personalized healthcare?

With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, health services will, with time, become more proactive when it comes to prognosis, diagnostics and general interpretation of medical images. The use of AI has come a long way, but lots of research and work remains before one can fully exploit the potential of AI within health. This will require close collaboration between specific IT disciplines and the health sector.


Vesa Kataja presents:

 by Vesa Kataja, Chief Medical Officer at Kaiku Health Ltd.

Novel cancer therapies, such as cancer immunotherapies, have improved treatment outcomes of patients across several cancer types. While providing a viable treatment option for many patients, they have also introduced new kinds of adverse events that differ from conventional therapies. Early detection and management of these novel toxicities could improve the safety of cancer therapies as well as improve quality of life of cancer patients. In this presentation, Dr. Vesa Kataja will explain the importance of patient-reported outcomes in cancer care as well as how Kaiku Health has developed machine learning based predictive models for early detection of adverse events in cancer immunotherapies.


Artificial intelligence in the healthcare system

by Rolv-Ole Lindsetmo, Leader for gastrosurgical department at The Arctic University of Norway

Senter for pasientnær kunstig intelligens (SPKI) – roughly translated at the Center for Patient-focused Artificial Intelligence was established as a joint initiative between the University Hospital and the University of Tromsø on the development and use of artificial intelligence in the healthcare system. It is a close collaboration between surgeons at the Gastrointestinal surgical department at the University Hospital of North Norway and the Machine Learning group at the University of Tromsø. In his presentation, Rolv-Ole will present research projects, publications and the vision of SPKI.

Moderator: Ketil F. Widerberg

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