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Future of health workshop @ EHiN 2023 Welcome to the Wake-up Call

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) invites you to spend a day exploring trends and uncertainties within digital health working with concepts for navigating the future health landscape, and participating in hands-on exercises that aim to build competencies to work with the future of health. CIFS is an independent, non-profit think tank with over 50 years of experience in working with futures and foresight.

Workshop description

Health is often both defined and plagued by complexity, competing agendas, and short-term thinking, leaving systems and communities vulnerable to disruptions of all kinds. CIFS invites you to a whole-day session at X Meeting Point right by Oslo, November 6, the pre-conferenece day for EHiN 2023, to join in exploring how futures thinking and methodologies can be employed across the health landscape to not only better manage and understand complexity, but also shape more favourable futures. Through interactive presentations and discussions, we seek to inspire and equip participants with tools and concepts for navigating futures that are uncertain but also full of potential.

Agenda and Activities – Full-day workshop (10:15-17:30)

  • Presentation & Interactive Session: Applied Strategic Foresight in Healthcare (Futures methodologies course)
    • This is an interactive session where Advisors from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies will share the tools they use in their everyday work and teach participants how to apply futures thinking and methodologies in their work.
    • Learn the process of exploring dynamics of change as the “bedrock” practice of strategic foresight, by understanding what drives change and exploring for novel developments, with a particular focus on the use of digital health.
    • Learn how to identify and make sense of the uncertainties with the greatest impact on the future of health, by understanding the degree of uncertainty surrounding impactful strategic issues​.


  • Understand Strategic Foresight Fundamentals: Get an overview of key futures studies concepts, tools, and methodologies including the Polak Game, visioning, and the Futures Triangle.
  • Apply Foresight to digital healthcare: Discuss and understand significant trends in digital healthcare, develop a vision for the future, and learn how to prioritise trends.
  • Utilize key foresight tools: Apply practical foresight tools like the Futures Triangle and Trend Radar to analyse and interpret potential future scenarios.
  • Reflect and apply learnings: Review key insights from the session and plan how to apply the acquired knowledge in professional contexts.

Target audience

This course is relevant to a broad range of stakeholders at all levels within the digital health sphere eager to learn about trends in digital health and ways to engage with and shape the future. The only requirement is to be curious and have an open mind no matter what level you might be working at.


Early bird course fee until September 30th is EUR 750 (EUR 850 after) per person including lunch and a one-year subscription to CIFS’ online Farsight publication (worth EUR 100).


Course registration is personally binding. Payment of the course registration fee is therefore generally non-refundable.

Cancellation and unexpected circumstances

CIFS reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event if a minimum number of course registrations is not met. Expenses for transport, hotel, etc. are not reimbursed by CIFS.

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