What barriers and opportunities are there for health companies in Norway? Join us for a lively discussion at EHiN 2019! @CheckWare @csamhealth @Imatis @NFdep https://t.co/ODoSpTxWdP

Can Artificial Intelligence and The Internet of Things solve some of the future challenges in health and medicine? Attend the DIGI-B-CUBE sessions to find out how you can get involved. @OsloCancer https://t.co/rQOLqTdvBd

We care about bringing new e-health solutions to patients. That is why we have an entire session on innovation around the patient. @Kreftforeningen @NorwayHealthTec
@LifeScienceNO https://t.co/RWB1N1tbWn

How do we bring innovation into our hospitals? https://t.co/kyG5pItzAP @HelseVest @HelseVestIKT @helsesorost @HelseMidtNorge @HelseNord @helsenordikt @helse_og_omsorg @HealthNTNU @NTNUhelse

This year, we are putting a spotlight on women's health! Can new technologies improve women's medicine? https://t.co/SCllirelPm @haukeland_no @Ahus_no @Oslounivsykehus

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