Eric Sutherland

Senior Health Economist, leading the OECD’s work in Digital Health

Eric Sutherland, is a Senior Health Economist leading the OECD’s work in Digital Health, bringing together policy guidance for digital tools, integrated data, and responsible analytics including artificial intelligence. In that role, he is accountable for measuring and evolving the OECD’s Recommendation on Health Data Governance (2017) and supporting digital health policy that provides data protection (e.g. security and privacy) and timely access to quality data to optimize the use of data for information, insights, and impact among individuals, health workers, policy makers, researchers, and innovators.

Prior to joining the OECD, Eric led the Secretariat for a pan-Canadian Health Data Strategy, bringing together experts and governmental leaders from across Canada to establish an integrated health data ecosystem that makes better use of data for health systems, public health, population health, research, and care. Eric authored the Pan-Canadian Heath Data and Information Governance Framework and Toolkit.