Experiences in Nordic Countries with Patients’ Access to Electronic Health Records

What is the status on the implementation of Patient-Accessible Electronic Health Records? And what are the experiences from patients and health professionals so far? In this digital session we’ll hear about the national health portals and Patient-Accessible Electronic Health Records in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Estonia and the related ongoing project “Nordic eHealth for Patients (NORDeHEALTH): Benchmarking and Developing for the Future”.


  1. The NORDeHEALTH Project and the National Health Portal in Sweden
    • Maria Hägglund, Uppsala University
  2. Health Professionals’ and Patients’ Experience with Patients Accessing their Electronic Health Record in Norway
    • Monika A. Johansen, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research
  3. Use of the National Patient Accessible Electronic Health Record in Finland
    • Vesa Jormanainen, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
  4. eHealth in Estonia – From 2020 to 2030
    • Peeter Ross, Tallinn University of Technology

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